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How to get free updates (old app stores)

  • Clickapps, PDATopSoft, PalmGear, MyTreo, Handango, ShareIt: Email us your purchase receipt and we'll send you the download link.
  • Pdassi : if you bought it 70 and more days ago, send us an e-mail. Otherwise use the download link from the purchase confirmation letter.
  • Mobihand : EasyTether and MobiHand accounts


We answer every e-mail within a day or two. If you do not hear back from us, please check your antispam filters or try to contact us from another mail address.

The support language is English. We can reply in German or in French, but it takes some time.

Please double-check your e-mail when making a purchase. If you make a mistake, a purchase confirmation e-mail will not reach you. If you have not received your purchase confirmation e-mail within a day, please contact us from another email address and tell us another e-mail through which you can be reached. We can also fax you the necessary order information or send it by air mail.

Android EasyTether

Please read EasyTether for Android, troubleshooting guide.

USB Modem questions

Please read USB Modem troubleshooting guide.

Card Reader questions

Please read Card Reader troubleshooting guide.

Multiple purchase discounts

If you want to make a multiple purchase, i.e. buy several copies of our apps, please note that volume discounts currently apply to the following programs - EasyTether, USB Modem Palm, USB Modem Windows Mobile, Card Reader, Mobile Jigsaw, Landscape. Email us to get detailed information on volume purchases.

One of the most common problems is that the customers mix up devices and buy a wrong version. For example, one purchases a VGA game version for a QVGA Pocket PC device. Or one can purchase an MS Smartphone game for a Pocket PC Phone Edition (PDA phone) device. Some people mix up Symbian S80 with Symbian S90, etc. If you seem to have downloaded/purchased an unsuitable version, feel free to contact us and we'll give you the correct version.

Symbian S60 3rd Edition and UIQ 3.0. Certificate error.

Please ignore any warnings during the installation. Make sure that Tools - App Manager - Options - Settings "Software Installation" is set to "On", not to the "Signed only". If you download .sis file directly onto your phone, make sure that Tools-App Manager-Options-Settings Online certificate check is set to "OFF".

On Nokia E71 and Nokia E66 home screen icons have been slightly changed. Please select Menu - Installations - App.Mgr. - Options - Settings and check the certificate settings.

Symbian S60 3rd Edition and UIQ 3.0. Expired certificate error.

Older versions of Meteor and Dreamway games had been signed with a one-year certificate. The latest game versions are signed using a 30-year certificate. So if you see an "expired certificate" message, you have either to redownload the latest version or to set back the phone clock, install the game and set the clock to the current time.

Symbian S60 3rd Edition. Please note that there are usually two or three .sis files for this platform, each .sis file is tuned for a particular screen resolution. If you install a wrong .sis file, the game will either run very slow or will not fit the screen.

Symbian UIQ 3.0. On some smartphones (usually on SE P990i with the firmware R7A001) the old versions of the games can crash with the "Kern-exec Reason code 15" message. The latest Meteor for UIQ 3.0 version has fixed the problem, you can download it from our site.