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Meteor Brick Breaker for iPhone/iPod Touch and Meteor HD for iPad are versions of an action block breaking game (arkanoid, breakout, brickout) for iPhone and iPod Touch.

In this brick-busting game your goal is to destroy moving blocks and static destructible bricks. Hostile robots will fight against you. Enemy ships and non-destructible blocks will prevent you from breaking bricks.

Many power-ups will help you to cope with the task.

Some blocks contain useful bonuses - rocket enhancer, plasma ball, fire ball and various types of weapons and defence. Other blocks contain not so useful power-downs - for example, a rocket decrease or a slow speed.

Touch the rocket contour on the finger bar and move it left or right to control the ship. Tap anywhere higher than the finger bar to shoot or to launch a ball. Using multitouch you can run the ship and shoot missiles/balls at the same time.

It is possible to listen to your own iPad, iPhone/iPod music. Set the music volume slider in the Meteor game to minimum, turn on your music and relaunch Meteor breakout.

A must for those who love retro arcade games!

Meteor for iPhone and iPod Touch Meteor for iPhone and iPod Touch Meteor for iPhone and iPod Touch

    Meteor Brick Breaker for iPhone/iPod Touch and Meteor HD for iPad feature
  • 120 stunning space-themed levels
  • 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard
  • autosave the current game state
  • smart graphics, animations and fx
  • addictive gameplay
  • over 60 types of bricks:
    • obstacle bricks (undestructible with a ball),
    • multi-bricks (destructible after 4 hits),
    • invisible bricks (become visible only after a hit),
    • partially destructible (destructible after three hits from the bottom),
    • switch-bricks (bricks with numbers),
    • bricks with surprises (power-ups or power-downs)
    • other specialty bricks
  • several types of balls (meteors) - a usual ball, a fireball and a plasma ball
  • several types of weapons
  • attacking robots and hostile spaceships
  • 15 power-ups and power-downs
    • a magnet
    • a protecting shield
    • a fireball, a plasmaball or a usual ball
    • bullets, missiles, supermissiles
    • an extra life
    • a fast ball or a slow ball
    • a rocket increase or a rocket decrease
    • other useful items
  • Meteor Lite, a free demo version, with 8 levels, is available in the App store for free!
    App Store Reviews
  • Reviewer from UK App Store
    For 1.79 you can't go wrong! With up to 90 levels there's enough gameplay for young and old players out there .
  • Reviewer from Australian App Store
    This is by far the best breakout game available for the iPhone. It's fast (I find a lot of the competions game are too slow), lots of weapons/tools to help you win. Really great graphics, and smooth gameplay. My only 5 star breakout game.
  • Reviewer from German App Store
    Das Spiel ist echt Super macht ziemlich viel spass. Hatte mir vorher die Lite Version geholt und bereue den Kauf in keinster Weise. Preis finde ich auch vollkommen in Ordnung.
  • Reviewer from Swiss App Store
    bravo! abwechslungsreiches spiel, macht spass die kreativen levels zu meistern!
  • Reviewer from Japan App Store
    難易度が自分で選択できるのでブロック崩しがあまり得意ではない私でも楽しめました。 グラフィックも綺麗だし、操作性もいいと思います。
  • Reviewer from US App Store
    I love this game. It takes the simple concept of block breaking in another dimension by adding a rocket bomber that throws well rockets at your ship. I like the theme of this game and the sound as well. Really well executed game and needs more attention than what the appstore is giving it.
  • Reviewer from French App Store
    Un très bon casse brique. Si vous aimez les casses briques, vous ne serez pas déçu.
    Tres bonne jouabilitée et graphisme soigné. bref sauter le pas, ce casse brique casse la barraque sans probleme.
  • Reviewer from Italian App Store
    Gioco stupendo, mi calamita come nient'altro. Tre livelli di difficoltà e molte schermate, a scelta. Ora però attendo un aggiornamento, dato che ho giocato tutto. Grazie.
  • Reviewer from Spanish App Store
    Un juego excelente. Probablemente la mejor versión de este tipo de juegos. Muy recomendable.
  • Reviewer from Czech App Store
    Miluji hry typu "Brick breaker", "Arkanoid" a pod. Na iPhone jsem jich uz vyzkousel celou radu, ale tahle jednoznacne vede. Perfektni provedeni, bezproblemove ovladani, vyborna hratelnost. Dobra koupe. Vyborna hra.

Meteor for iPhone and iPod Touch Meteor for iPhone and iPod Touch Meteor for iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Meteor Brick Breaker was featured by Apple in the Best Breakout Games - les meilleurs casse-briques de l’iPhone
  • Meteor Brick Breaker was featured by Apple as New and Noteworthy (UK)
  • Meteor Brick Breaker was featured by Apple as Staff favourites (Australia, New Zealand), Tipps der Redaktion (Germany, Austria), Recommandès (France)
    Read press reviews about Meteor arkanoid
    If you want a fast, no frills version of Breakout to fill spare minutes then Meteor does the trick.
  • iphonegamenetwork
    Music has a great space feel to it. Sound effects are great! I especially enjoyed the different laser sounds for the laser gun power ups. It’s good to see af ull set of high-quality sound effects.
    There are 80+ levels, which is impressive. Smartly, the devs included a menu that lets you choose between 9 sections of these levels, inc case you get fed up with where you currently are. There is a nice variety of power ups as well. So this game could possibly be played for.
    Sicherlich die schönste Variante von Arkanoid die bisher im AppStore verfügbar ist und dies 1a umgesetzt. Es gibt hier auch bei vielen bewegten Objekten absolut keine Slowdowns und die Steuerung finde ich mehr als gelungen und sollte so auch bei anderen Games einzug halten.
  • article about Meteor arkanoid
    Meteor is a game that draws upon elements of many other games that we have all played before. The combination of them yields an amusing result.
  • TamsiJungle
    After starting a game, one immediately notices the creativity of the game designers. Levels look really cool, and none is similar to the one before it. The engine supports a huge variety of brick types, leading to a very interesting overall gameplay experience.
  • - Les meilleurs casse-briques de l’iPhone
    Meteor – Brick Breaker ne propose pas moins de 120 tableaux à résoudre ainsi qu'une soixantaine de blocs aux caractéristiques différentes. Un record ! le scénario de Meteor – Brick Breaker prenant place dans l'espace, le vaisseau que l'on contrôle a à sa disposition différents gadgets pour venir à bout des murs qui lui font face : missiles, super-missiles, balles, etc.
    Meteor Brick Breaker è un bel gioco in stile Arkanoid, dotato di un’ottima grafica e di una buona giocabilità. La grafica è davvero ben realizzata ed anche i controlli, tramite touchscreen, sono ottimamente implementati.
    Das Spiel macht Spaß, vor allem dadurch das Abwechslung aufkommt, durch die verschiedenen Blöcke, Gegner und Waffen. Der Spielumfang ist riesig. Hier kann man sich nicht beschweren.

    More Press about Meteor arkanoid
  • Zodiacgamer
    Graphics and Sound: this is where Meteor really shines. The game plays in fullscreen landscape mode, and features the Zodiac's rumble feature...In my opinion, this is by far the most beautiful Breakout-style game I have played for the Palm OS.
  • AllAboutSymbian - 89 out of 100
    Highly recommended. This one's a keeper on my smartphone.
  • Palmtop User Magazine
    There are plenty of clones of the classic Breakout brick-shooting game, but Meteor is so well implemented as to be well worth a look...The Pocket PC version is one of the few games to support VGA-resolution screens. Highly recommended.
  • MPx200 (MobileGadgetNews)
    If you like breakout type games then you will like Meteor as well. It has a lot of levels, all of which are challenging.
  • KickStartNews
    Meteor is far more than the usual breakout game (arkanoid) and offers hours, days, and for the less coordinated, weeks of game play. Recommended.
  • Serie80
    Nicht gerade eine neue Spielidee, doch immer wieder gut, das alte Pad und Ball spiel, hier auch sehr schön umgesetzt
  • Serie60
    Ein wirklich sehr gelungenes Spiel, die Grafik ist 1A und der Ball ist absolut perfekt flüssig animiert, auch der Sound passt.
  • web-site
    Bei Meteor Breakout müssen wir alle Steine zerstören, die eigene Rakete vor den Gegner schützen und möglicht lange unbeschadet 'überleben'. Geboten werden dabei 90 Spielstufen mit unterschiedlicher Schwierigkeit, jede Menge bewegliche Steine, angreifende Roboter und Raketen, kosmische Hintergrund-Landschaften, Soundeffekte (abschaltbar), unterschiedliche Kugeln und Waffen sowie eine automatische Speicherung eines Spiels.
  • Smartnaute
    Meteor est un jeu de casse-briques disponible sur plusieurs plates-formes... Nombreux niveaux. Des niveaux originaux et variés. Graphismes soignés.

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