Meteor Brick Breaker for Google Android is an action brick-breaking game (arkanoid, breakout, block breaker) for ALL Android devices.


In this brick-busting game your goal is to destroy moving blocks and static destructible bricks. Hostile robots will fight against you. Enemy ships and non-destructible blocks will prevent you from breaking bricks.

Many power-ups will help you to cope with the task.

Some blocks contain useful bonuses - rocket enhancer, plasma ball, fire ball and various types of weapons and defence. Other blocks contain not so useful power-downs - for example, a rocket decrease or a slow speed.

Touch the rocket contour on the finger bar and move it left or right to control the ship. Tap anywhere higher than the finger bar to shoot or to launch a ball. You can also use trackball or DPAD.

A must for those who love retro arcade games!

Meteor Brick Breaker 2.

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Meteor Brick Breaker I.

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    Meteor for Google Android offers
  • 120 stunning space-themed levels and 70 levels in Meteor Brick Breaker II sequel
  • 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard
  • autosave the current game state
  • smart graphics, animations and fx
  • Hi-Res WVGA graphics on devices with WVGA+ screen resolution (480x854, 480x800, 540x960, 600x1024, 800x1280): Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC EVO, HTC Desire, HTC Incredible, SE XPeria X10, LG Ally, Nexus One, Motorola DROID, DROID X, Acer Liquid A1
  • addictive gameplay
  • trackball and touch controls: you can launch a ball or shoot by touching anywhere higher than the rocket or by pressing the trackball key
  • various types of bricks:
    • obstacle bricks (undestructible with a ball),
    • multi-bricks (destructible after 4 hits),
    • invisible bricks (become visible only after a hit),
    • partially destructible (destructible after three hits from the bottom),
    • switch-bricks (bricks with numbers),
    • bricks with surprises (power-ups or power-downs)
  • several types of balls (meteors) - a usual ball, a fireball and a plasma ball
  • several types of weapons
  • attacking robots and hostile spaceships
  • many power-ups and few power-downs

Android Market reviews

  • Top, one of the first games showing that iPhone-quality games are possible for the latest android handsets!
  • Works great on the nexus one just tried it. awesome game!
  • Same game as Richocet on PC.
  • This game is awesome the best brick breaker game i ever played
  • Awesome! Best break-out type game yet!! Great graphics, tones of special power ups, unique designs. Would definitely purchase
  • Definitely better than all the other brick breaker spin-off's on here!
  • By far the best arkanoid type game out right now.

Commentaires et évaluations pour Meteor

  • Version démo, c'était trop beau pour être vrai.. Ceci dit le jeu est très bien réalisé !
  • Un casse-briques sympa, je vais sûrement passer à la version complète bientôt
  • Très très bien.Je vais sûrement passer a la version payante
  • Le premier jeu que j'ai envie d'acheter : beau, ergonomique, prenant.

Kommentare und Bewertungen für Meteor

  • Es macht sehr viel Spass.

Commenti e voti per Meteor

  • Veramente ben fatto
  • Bello veramente
    Version history
  • 1.6.1 SD install on 2.2, support for Galaxy Tab
  • 1.5.4 adds Media Sound setting
  • 1.5.3 adds a trackball sensitivity setting, some minor fixes with level design
  • 1.5.2 modifies touch control, relative control of the paddle movement, adds keyboard controls, fixes back button issues
  • 1.5.1 enhances the save feature, the game now saves not only the current level and lives, but also the brick positions, robots, ball types etc. Resumes brings you to the exact position now, and not to the start of the level like it had been before.
  • 1.5 adds 10 new levels, Meteor Brick Breaker has now 120 levels in 12 episodes
  • 1.4 adds 10 new levels, Meteor Brick Breaker has now 110 levels in 11 episodes
  • 1.3 adds 10 new levels and fixes a minor bug with level 84.
  • 1.2 adds support for QVGA and WVGA screen resolution (Motorola DROID, DROID X, LG Ally, HTC EVO, HTC Incredible, HTC Desire, XPeria X10, Nexus One) and improves the save system
  • 1.1 fixes a 'force close' issue during a phone call or a sleep

Meteor delivers the brick breaking game you expect, with enough care put into its development to ensure there's nothing left wanting. Retro and casual gamers will find plenty to enjoy. - PocketGamer

If you do not have an Android device, try Meteor for iPhone, Nokia and other devices